How to convert UP files to MP3?

So I just posted my spanish oral assignment and the instructor got back to me with this message…

“you have included the AUP file, but this is not an actual audio file. You need to convert your exercises to an MP3 file and then resubmit it here”

How do I do that? Please help…


To create a normal audio file, you need to “Export” from Audacity.

Audacity natively supports several audio formats, including WAV, AIFF, Ogg, and FLAC, but does not include an MP3 encoder due to license/patent issue. So, to create an MP3 file, you need to either:
a) Install LAME according to the instructions here: (which gives Audacity the ability to export MP3 files)
b) Export from Audacity as WAV and use another program to convert from WAV to MP3.