How to convert tempo to delay rate.

How can I mathematically convert the tempo to the delay rate? so I know what delay rate to set for a tempo other than 120.

If the Tempo is 120
the daley rate is 0.50


You’ll need to give more description. What tempo? What delay rate? What are you wanting to do?

with the delay effect delay rate (delay time in seconds) is set to 0.50.
thats the same as a tempo of 120.
how can I convert any tempo to any delay time in seconds so the delay matches the tempo?

I mean using maths, like how 1.6 converts Kph to mph

I see. That’s the same as converting “Beats Per Minute” (BPM) to “Beat Length”.

"Beat Length (seconds) = 60 / “BPM”

“BPM” = 60 / “Beat Length (seconds)”

If Beat length = 0.5 seconds
then BPM = 60 / 0.5 = 120

If BPM = 120
then Beat Length = 60 / 120 = 0.5

If you need to do a lot of these calculations, there’s a “Quick Calculator” plug-in that includes BPM to Beat Length conversion: (If you want to try it, be sure to download the “Current version” rather than the Obsolete version)

Cool thanks. thats helpful.