how to convert mp3 to raw ?

Hello all !

(excuse-me, the previous text of this post got lost, I have to rewrite it …)

I would like to convert mp3 files into raw files. I was told to do so in a forum concerning asterisk (free pbx software) in order to lower the work for the cpu when playing music on hold to several callers at a time.

Could you help me to export into raw format ? (by the way, I am not sure what this is exactly :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for any help !


By “raw” I suspect they mean an uncompressed format such as WAV.

Note: If you convert an mp3 to wav the wav version will occupy approx ten times the amount of memory as the mp3.

Uncompressed files (e.g. wav), use less CPU time than compressed ones (e.g. mp3), but use much more memory.

There is a “raw” format, but it’s not a production tool.

raw – a raw file can contain audio in any codec but is usually used with PCM audio data. It is rarely used except for technical tests.