How to convert file from reocrding screen to MP3


I just bought the Audacity recording system, and I’m wondernig how to transfer what I’ve recorded from the record into an MP3 file. The directions were very vague. Also, I tried to play back what I recorded on the computer and didn’t hear anything. Any thoughts?

Please note, Audacity only supplies the software program, and we do not write any documentation that may come with the recorder.

Please click Help > About Audacity and see if you have the current Audacity 2.0.2. If not, please download it here: .

To export as MP3, please download and install the optional LAME library using these instructions: .

You need to set the output device in Device Toolbar to the computer sound device. Assuming this recording device connects to the computer via USB cable, please read this Frequently Asked Question:

and this Tutorial:

in the 2.0.2 Manual. The Tutorial applies to USB tape players as well as USB turntables.

If you have more questions please specify the device you are recording from (make and model
number) and the version of Windows (for example, Vista).