how to control recording volume of music and mic?

Please tell me how to adjust recording levels of music and mic @ the same time?..thank you

I have installed audacity 2.0.6

There’s not enough information in your posting to help. Describe exactly what you’re doing. Where is the music coming from? How is the microphone connected? Pretend you’re calling your brother on the phone to tell him how to do what you’re doing.


It would also help to describe your machine and operating system. Your other post is in the Mac board.


when i am recording from a track from an MP3 upload.with vocals…the music and vocals are recording much to high[as the wave bands are going way past the lines—and distorting terribly–]Please- exact directions on how to control and adjust the volume or gain of each item?----music and vocals…in or out of the recording?

Audacity can only record from one source at a time. A web browser or audio player, or your mic. Audacity can’t record both unless you are playing the mic through the speakers. That is not easy to do and may be part of the problem.

You can’t fix severe distortion after recording, you need to fix it before recording.

Please read the next sentence carefully. We cannot see your computer(s) therefore we cannot help you in detail unless you tell us what operating system you are using. Are you using Mac, Linux or both?

Also tell us what an “MP3 upload” is. Are you playing that song in your web browser, or is it a pre-existing MP3 file? Where exactly are you playing that file? What type of mic are you using and where is it connected?

If you have a song in an MP3 file, the easiest solution is to drag the MP3 file into Audacity. Set Audacity in Device Toolbar to record from your mic. Press Record. Now Audacity will play the song and you can record while listening to the song. Use headphones to listen to the song. Use the mic slider in Mixer Toolbar:

to adjust the input volume of the mic.

When you are done press F5 in Audacity, zoom in, and drag the recording leftwards so it aligns perfectly with the song. Press F1 to go back to Selection Tool.