How to construct html audio consoles with Audacity?

Hi Guys, using Audacity 2.0.6 on Windows 7 with Chrome and just getting started with Aud. I am a long time hand coder and have my original music on my site utilizing html audio consoles. I had been using Flash but it kept disappearing so recently started using html5

You don’t, with current Audacity made by us. If you require Audacity to FTP, you have to use the long obsolete 1.3.3 version or build current Audacity, reintegrating the old FTP code.

Did you ask the author of the YouTube video how to do what you want? Or on Stack Overflow or a coding site?

As the message says, use Export. It’s in the File Menu.


Thanks Gale, I will ask him how he did that then, good suggestion. Appreciate your help… M