How to connect usb turntable output to PC router

I have a turntable with a USB output. My computer is in another room. Is it possible to use some sort of USB transmitter connected to the turntable output to connect it to my PC through it’s wireless router? If the connection is possible can Audactiy be used with this configuration? Is there a USB transmitter of sufficient quality to use in a audio set up like this? Could you make a suggestion for something I could get on Newegg or from Amazon?


Probably what you’re really looking for is a USB to network adapter and then connect the turntable to your home network. The turntable becomes a network service.

That’s how my off-air television tuner works. It has an IP number and an ident. The TV software in my computer knows how to go looking for it. If it will pass television video, it should have no trouble passing stereo.


My glass ball tells me you’re looking for something simple…

And that doesn’t exist. There are plenty USB to network thingies. Work well for simple serial transmissions. Don’t work at all for audio.

Next up is a very long USB cable. You can get active USB extenders. Not really cheap, tho.

What does exist and is fairly cheap, are TV transmitter/receiver pairs with stereo sound. These can be had for less than 50$. Sound quality isn’t always great and these are not USB. Will only work if your turntable has analog line outputs.

There’s a pro solution, it’s called ethernet AVB:
It’s new and far too pricey for just 2 channels of audio.

There is a way to get two USB cables worth of distance. Put a wall-powered USB hub between the two. The hub will act as a booster and regenerator, but you can’t use it for anything else. Let’s see roughly 6 feet out to 12 feet. We had one conference room that had a long throw between the conferencing computer and the conference room table microphones. This is how we did it.


There are “USB wireless hubs” available (example: but they have three main limitations. (1) They are slow, (2) They require special software on the computer which may not be available for Linux (3) They generally have quite limited range.
(1) and (2) are likely to be deal breakers. For recording audio you need fairly fast, and more importantly, a continuous stream of data, which I doubt that you would be able to achieve with a wireless USB hub. $70 is a bit pricey for an experiment.

If the turntable has analog out, the simplest solution would be to connect the turntable to an analog phono pre-amp (some turntables have a phono pre-amp plugged in), then use high quality shielded audio cable through to where the computer is, and use a USB sound card (such as a Behringer UCA-202) to connect to the computer.

Thanks, That was useful. I was hoping it would be simple but suspected the answer was more complicated, as has been confirmed.