How to connect smoothly after cut(ctrl+x) noise (click?pop?)

Hi. I want to remove the noise(click?pop?).
The noise you hear in the file is very much in the whole file.


In the spectrogram, the noise is clearly visible.
When I cut that part, I get new noise…
I want to know how to naturally connect the front and back of the cut part.
I think I’ve done everything in [Effects].
help me.

I have two recommendations, the second one might be more important than the first one, but I apply both and in that same order.

1 - Use the option that moves the cursor to the closest “zero”. I don’t know how is that option called on the English version of Audacity.
Try to make all your cuts in some of those points.

2 - Use fade out at the end of the part that fits at left of the joint you will make.
Use fade in at the beginning of the part that fits at the right of the joint you will make.
Fading doesn’t need to be long, a faded overlap of a fraction of second might work, you might also try to make the fade out at left to end after the beginning of the fade in at right.

Select “Zero-crossings” …

Try a short [u]crossfade[/u] of a few milliseconds. (Or a longer crossfade.)

Thanks for letting me know. I also tried zero-crossing, fade-in, and fade-out. but it’s the same

I think it’s because the connection is unnatural.

In the spectrogram, the boundary line is visible. It is clearly separated from its surroundings.

In waveforms, lines are not connected by curves. It’s almost vertically connected.

Is there a way to blur the borders like blurring in Photoshop?

If it’s a very small glitch, you can “repair” it:

For bigger glitches you can use “Crossfade Clips”:

wow. this is awesome thanks!!