How to confirm ASIO Support was included in the build?

Hello, I just successfully built Audacity 2.1.0 but I’m still waiting for the arrival of my ASIO supported sound card. When I start Audacity I don’t see the dropdown for ASIO…is this just because I don’t have the device installed yet? Is there a way to confirm ASIO support is included in the build? I don’t see any references to it in the build log, nor do I see any libs for it in the release directory, or any reference to it in the Solution list in Visual Studio.

Is there a way to confirm I built with ASIO support?

By the way, the instructions for building are excellent, I was amazed this built and ran the first time…thank you! I did get two errors during the build, but they were apparently non-fatal and there were no references to ASIO.

Windows 7 64 bit
Visual Studio 2013 Update 1
ASIO SDK 2.3 - Added the ASIO env var path, but did not reboot…just ran SET from command prompt to confirm its presence before opening and building the Audacity solution in VS.
WxWidgets 2.8.12

Yes the ASIO host does not show up unless an ASIO enabled device is connected.

Probably you could test if you installed ASIO4ALL - a direct kernel-streaming enhancement for standard WDM drivers.


Not to go too far down the wrong path here, but after I install ASIO4All, should it be available as an option in Audacity? Maybe I’m better off waiting until the sound card arrives as I don’t quite understand how the ASIO4All driver is supposed to be loaded. I have a (probably not so good) on-board VIA HD audio device. Perhaps nothing I have installed supports this “virtual” ASIO driver.

I’ve installed ASIO4All, but it’s not too clear how to configure it from their docs.

I have it now. I had to reboot after adding the ASIO environment variable, my second build now shows the ASIO device.