How to chart volume/pitch on Audacity 2.0.5


I am using Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 8, and I was hoping for some help/

A few years ago, using an older version of Audacity, I could make it give me a line chart of volume and pitch for a selection of audio. I’ve attached the image of what that chart looked like.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember how I did it… Is it possible to get a similar, simple chart showing volume and pitch on Audacity 2.0.5? If so, could someone explain to me how?

Audacity Chart 1.png

You may be confusing Audacity with some other program. I don’t recall a graph like that in any version of Audacity. However, we may still be able to help :wink:

The normal “waveform” view of an audio track shows the “amplitude” of the waveform. “Amplitude” is the vertical height of the waveform. This is not quite the same as “loudness” because loudness also depends on other factors such as frequency and the individuals hearing (a very high frequency whistle may sound very loud to one person, but be inaudible to someone with less good hearing). Although “not quite the same”, the vertical size of the waveform will usually give a good indication of how loud something is.

In this example we can see that the amplitude is gradually increasing from silence to almost full track height. Not surprisingly, when listened to, the music increases in volume from silence to … well it depends on how loud the speakers are turned up. We can also see regular peaks in the waveform, which show how the sound gets louder on each musical beat.
Audio tracks can also be switched to a “Spectrogram” view which shows the frequencies. See here in the manual for more information:

I was pretty sure it was an old Audacity, but you may be right. It was two years ago, so I very possibly just got myself confused.

Thanks for the reply, though.