How to change temp files folders ?

I’m trying to register long lengths of audio, but my C drive comes quickly full and I can’t complete anything properly : Audacity crashes every time before completion. Backup seems to come with errors, so I can’t keep that, and I already lost several hours for nothing.
Is there a way to change the temporary files folder location, for another drive ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

There’s two ways that I know of, but there’s also a caution.

Audacity is not designed to run across networks. Network delays can kill Audacity.
USB drives are usually OK provided that (a) the USB does not go to sleep, (b) the computer is powerful enough to handle everything that’s running with ease.
“Network drives” (NAS) are not recommended, though they should be fine for back ups.

Method 1
Audacity only uses its “temp” folder for projects that have not yet been saved. Once the project has been saved, Audacity will use the project’s “_data” folder for temporary files. This provides a very simple solution. For example, if you have two internal hard drives or SSDs, called "C:" and "D:", and you want to use "D:" for the temp data, just save a new empty project to the "D:" drive before you start recording.

Method 2
To permanently change the location of Audacity’s temp folder, change the location in Audacity’s Preferences: Directories Preferences - Audacity Manual

Thank you very much, that’s precisely what I needed ! :slight_smile: