how to change search group in input devices.


I have got a Yamaha PSR-E443 and I would like to record it on audacity.
I can directly hook it up to my computer via a usb cable.
The problem is that when I look in the input devices (on audacity) it doesn’t show up.
I know this is because windows has put it under the “Sound, Video and game controllers” group not the “Audio inputs and outputs” group (in device manager) and so audacity cant find it.

Is there a way to change where audacity looks for input devices?
Or maybe is there a way to change it to another group?

Please help…

Without going into the mixer instructions, I would say the connection is for mixer control, DJ control or MIDI, not sound. What do the instructions say?

The surefire way to connect the mixer (again, I haven’t seen the instructions) is to go the analog route with an external digitizer.

Pick the Line-Out or Tape-Out of the mixer and cross-connect it to a digitizer such as the Behringer UCA-202.