How to cancel Amplify in 3.2.0? and workflow issues

There is no way to cancel out of Amplify once the effect is chosen. The only two options are to apply it and then undo, or to change Amplification (dB) to 0 and then apply - this is a regression in terms of workflow. I haven’t checked the other effects, but I hope this is not the case for all of them (I immediately downgraded to 3.1.3)
. Semi-related is that it now takes diving through a submenu to get to Amplify when before it was selectable directly in the Effects menu, which is also a regression in terms of workflow.

Try the Esc key. And on my Windows 10 system it shows an “X” to close it.

I see - I’m running Linux Mint so this sounds like a bug.

Which Desktop Environment? (Example: Cinnamon / Mate / Xfce / …)


It seems to be a minor incompatibility with Cinnamon.

The “Cancel” button was intentionally removed from effect windows (I assume that was to make the interface look “cleaner” / “modern”). On other platforms, dialog windows may be closed by clicking the “Close” button in the top corner of the window, but with Cinnamon the Close button is missing.

As a workaround, press “Esc” to close the windows (tested with Cinnamon on Ubuntu).

I’ve reported the bug here:

It seems that it does, but as in my previous reply, pressing the “Esc” key seems to work in all cases.