how to burn a cd from recorded music

I am trying to burn a cd from music I downloaded from my USB Cassette Capture. There aren’t many directions with it about how to burn a CD. It talks about exporting MP3 files, but that’s now a choice in my selections under the file menu. I didn’t see anywhere about instructions on how to save or name files of songs that I recorded. Any help would be much appreciated.

Audacity doesn’t burn CDs. I use [u]ImgBurn[/u], but I think Windows Media Player can also burn CDs.

If you want to make a regular audio CD, export to WAV (at 16-bits/44.1kHz stereo). Then make sure your burning software is configured to make an audio CD.

You can burn MP3 files directly onto the CD, but the CD will not play on a regular CD player. You can play it on a computer, and most DVD players will play MP3 files from a CD or DVD disc.

You can make an audio CD from MP3s, but MP3 is lossy compression and this is unnecessary compression, since audio CDs are not compressed.

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