how to build lame_enc.dll for 3.97 beta ?

I need to download a program or something, in the manual all it says i can use cygwin

“Patches to enable the build of the lame_enc.dll with Cygwin and autoconf /
automake / libtool are welcome!”

I have no idea what that means, please help.


I found this online

I downloaded the patch

I just downloaded cygwin

Now I am lost lol

I’d recommend that you just use the version that is known to work with Audacity:

I have no idea what that means, please help.

…I just downloaded cygwin

Now I am lost lol

Assuming you’re not a programmer, you probably shouldn’t attempt this unless you have a really good reason and you are tech savy… You might eventually get it working if you’re persistent.

If you’re a programmer it might take a half-day or a day to get this all installed, configured and figured-out…

I’ve done some programming, but I’ve never used cygwin or compiled Audacity. Whenever I’ve used a new compiler/IDE my goal for the 1st day is to get it installed & configured to the point where I can compile & run “Hello World” (the simplest of all programs). (The Arduino IDE was an exception and I was up-and-running in about 15 minutes, but that’s no help with Audacity.)

You can build LAME with Visual Studio 2008 because I have done it myself. You can probably convert the solution files in later versions of Visual Studio.

If you want a lame_enc 3.97 DLL that can be loaded from Audacity’s Libraries preferences, try this one (the link is deliberately not clickable): .


Thanks Gale! You are a savior! I just have one more question, if I build my lame in Visual Studios, am I using the files from the beta version. I want to experiment with that meaning that I am wondering whether the LAME that I am building in Visual Studio is somehow connected to the file beta file that I downloaded!

Is this what you downloaded
Well that does not have a vcsolution folder, only the dll folder. It looks like you have to do extra configuration to build from that dll folder.

I have a solution file that builds LAME 3.98.2 suitable for Audacity, but it may require a vcsolution folder.

I take it you want to experiment anyway, so If you want help you should ask here: