How to automatically set audio equalizer exactly in accordance with audio spectrogram of a particular song?

Is there an automated way to set the audio equalizer setting for a particular song based on the audio spectrogram of the same song?

In audacity software, I can get a table of audio spectral frequencies distribution in terms of decibels. How can I adjust the audio equalizer setting exactly in accordance with the spectrogram?

To do it manually, is very tedious and error prone. Is there an application that can do it where it takes the spectrogram as input and sets the equalizer accordingly?

I tried to set the audio equalizer according to the histogram I created from the audio spectrogram with bins same as the frequency ranges of the equalizer but the values hard to match.

So can this be automated?

You can look for a “matching EQ” plug-in.

Izotope Ozone has it, but I’m pretty sure Ozone doesn’t work with Audacity and it’s not free.

The “Gentleman’s Edition” of TDR Nova plugin does EQ matching.
IIRC that works in Audacity. There’s a try-before-you buy option.

Thanks a lot Doug. I very much appreciate your advice.

Thank you very much Trebor. I will look into it.

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