How to automatically remove specific (cracking) sounds from VHS source


first of all beginner with Audacity software. i have captured entire audio from original VHS tape. However time to time there is annoying strange sound. And, I am really not 100% sure what is correct naming for this annoying sound. I call it cracking sound

Here is basic specification about what i have:

Home project: Preserving audio tracks
Audacity: 3.0.2 (i kept default setting)
OS: Win10
VHS source: original VHS from Guild Home Videos
Soundcard: ASUS Xonar DG PCI 5.1 Audio Internal Sound Card
Connection cable: VCR side 2x RCA cinch; PC side 3,5mm jack in microphone / line-in

I have removed the noice via standard effect noice reduction (i kept default setting). However to remove automatically the annoying sound i prefer to ask for advice, because its present at random timing. In this specific and particular project its not so bad, but i have digitalized also other VHS tapes, and in some its more present and more annoying.

If the solution would be to purchase pro plug in. I can handle it if it really helps to remove this kind of sounds

Thank you very much

Kind Regards,

Cracking sound.aup3 (1.81 MB)

I don’t know a better way to remove the sound than just doing it by hand whenever it occurs, but I am curious as to where the sound comes from. Is it in the footage (ie, if you record it again, does it happen at the exact same times)? Or is it independent from the footage?

If it’s the latter, you may have some luck if you can shield your recording from various sources of interference (eg phones, wifi signal, etc.)


first of all, sorry for my late reply… I understand you that removing unwanted sound its better by hand. On the other hand, it will be hours and hours of work. Thats why i was trying to find out some automation process or even plugin what does the work instead.

Regarding your question, i have tried to record the entire VHS several times (3x) and this crackling sound appears always on at the same time. In my initial post i have named it “cracking” but i meant “crackling”, or not sure whats the proper terms for this kind of sounds.

It could be due to the age of the VHS tape. VCR has clean reading head etc. Its in the VHS tape. Also, when i do the same recording with other VHS tapes, time to time this kind of sounds appears as well on some movies (and always in the same timing). However as i mentioned, this happens in movie all over the tape time to time (always at the same timing) so to remove it by hand means to listed to countless hours of recording.

Its a bit specific kind of VHS with specific audio dubbing which is in these days not present on the newest DVDs, Blu-rays etc. I am trying to preserve it and additionally add it to the existing digitalized movies as another audio track.

Thats my own personal and private project.

“Click Removal” with settings of “100, 20” improves the “Cracking sound.wav” sample - it doesn’t completely fix it, but it does make significant improvement without damaging the rest of the audio.