How to automate save file and location in Audacity?

Hey All
I’m running the new Audacity 2 on a PC and I want to be able to do the following.

I am recording sessions of my band rehearsing using a JamHub into Audacity.
The audio I am recording into Audacity I would like to be automatically saved when there is silence or noise below a certain DB (so when a track has finished being played).
It would automatically save it.
Convert it to an MP3.
and then save that MP3 in a specific Dropbox folder so it can be shared with all the other members of the band. (It would be there by the time they get home at least).
It would also create a new track itself when the next song starts. (And so start the process as again)

Any ideas how to automate all of this as as the minute its quite a lot of faffing around to get it to Dropbox?

Audacity can’t do that.
It may be possible to do something using Autohotkey.

Hi, have you found a solution with Audacity and AutoHotKey?

I’m sure it can probably do it by reading up on it, but I really dont have the time to learn how to use ANOTHER program right now.

Hi, same problem with me. When I have some time and find sth. I will post info.

I think the simplest way to achieve this would be to use the existing Transport > Sound Activated Recording feature and add a label when the recording pauses. Then you can File > Export Multiple. Do you want to vote for labelling Sound Activated recordings? Audacity won’t be doing exporting while recording (or paused) any time soon. You could also ask for automatic exporting after a recording stops.

Audacity already remembers the last folder you exported to. Do you want to vote for a Preference for the export folder location, or for some kind of automated file naming scheme? If so, based on what?