How to attach a label/name/description to individual clips?

Audacity 2.2.1
MacOS 10.13.3 High Sierra

I am editing some long interviews, and want to move clips around chronologically while keeping track visually of what they contain. Searches have only turned up references to labels and label tracks. Initially I did set up a label track and added labels, but they aren’t tied to the clips, so when I delete or move a bit of the interview, the labels are no longer underneath the clip they refer to.

How can I ‘label’ clips individually, or add visible descriptions to them, so that I can quickly tell what a clip is without having to listen to it? Or is there a way to anchor labels to particular clips?

Sorry if my terminology is off. By clips I mean separated sections of audio within a single track.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

To move an audio clip and its label together:

  1. Click and drag a selection to include the audio clip AND the label.

  2. Cut, or “Split Cut” the selection. This will remove the selected audio and the selected label(s), and copy them to the clipboard.

  3. Select an audio track AND a label track at the position that you want to move the audio and label.
    One way to do this is to click on an audio track at the position where you want to paste (this makes the audio track “selected” as can be seen by the highlighting of its left hand control panel), then use up/down cursors to move focus to the label track (“focus” is indicated by a yellow border to the track), then when the label track has focus, press the “Enter” key to toggle the track selection on.

  4. Paste

Thanks for the help Steve. I had tried doing something like that but failed to select both tracks when pasting, I think. Thank you for taking the time to explain the steps. I really appreciate it.

Mac 10.14.3

I’m working with long (2 hour+) clips that I have used label points to notate beginning and end of a sound bite (I didn’t know until researching the label point can be a label region by dragging).

With all my audio file tagged with Label Points, I tried to cut and past them into a NEW Audacity file for a condensed, edited version.

The audio tracks copy and paste fine (I’ve done this for years).

But no matter what I’ve tried, the Label Points do not copy & paste; whether by:

  • Highlighting both the Audio Tracks & Label Tracks
  • Using Edit/Labeled Audio/Copy command from the menu
  • Using regular copy / paste from the menu
  • Attempting to copy and paste only the label track to the new File where I had already pasted the Audio track

I’ve searched online for about 2 hours and decided to ask the question here.

TO RESTATE MY DESIRED RESULT: To copy both Audio Track & associated Label Track (using Label Points) from an Audacity project file (full original audio clip) into a NEW Audacity project file (condensed clips) from which I will edit the final audio file.

If you select both an audio track and a label track, then copy, then paste into a new EMPTY project, then both the audio and labels should be pasted.

If you are pasting into a project that is not empty, ensure that you select both the audio track AND the label track at the place where you want to paste.

Did you ever get a reasonable answer to your question? I agree the solution given to you does not work; the label track, no matter if cut with the relevant sound clip or otherwise, simply will not cut and paste.

It does work: