How to apply subliminal effect in Chain?


I just wonder if any one would know, if there is any way to apply subliminal effect in chain, as it is not part of the build-in Effects.

I have more then 100 MP3 tracks, and would like to apply to each file the same (subluminal) effect. But if possible not manual.

If some one could give me a tip for some solution, as far there is one, I would be happy about it.


Which "subliminal effect?

For “masking”:
Chains only support one file at a time. For subliminal messages you need 2 files, the message and the mask.

Just was looking for this effect (Subliminal) plug-in, in Chain.

That isn’t a standard shipped effect. It’s a plug-in. Where did you get it?

Hi, I found it here

Any how, would you may have some idea how to apply this effect to many mp3 files, automatically?

To use Nyquist plug-ins in Chains, ensure that you are using the current 2.0.5 version of Audacity (available here:

I don’t speak German, but from what I can make out, that article appear (to me) to be suggesting that you should export the processed file in MP3 format. If my translation is correct, then the article is wrong. You will need to export in WAV format and not MP3 format.

Hi, thank you very much for your help. Yes I found the problem. I used a older version.
So far I was able to export it in MP3 Format.