How to add recording on certain time after recording

How to add recording on certain time after recording , example : i has record my speech of about 15 min , after review i wanted add speech begin in 6min, how to i add speech beginning from 6 min , and no need open new track record and cut and paste … everyone who know answer please tell me …thank you very much !!!

Use Append Record - either Transport > Append Record, SHFIT+R, or hold down the SHIFT key while clicking the record button.
– Bill

I’m not quite sure that is what lohkianchuang is asking.

Do you mean that you want to record over part of the original recording (like recording over something that you have recorded on a tape)?

i mean add record on original record on certain time …but not overwrite …just add record begin certain time…

no over but extended …like original recorded is 15 min …i wanted add another 1 min record begin on time 6 min , so after finish overall will become 16 min record …the add record (1 min )is begin on time 6 min - 7 min , and orginal record will extend 1 min …how to i add record on middle of track …?

I think I understand. You want the new recording to be inserted in the middle of the first track?

You can’t do that without editing.
Record the new track, then cut it, then click where you want to insert it and paste.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Cut: Ctrl+X
Paste: Ctr+V

maybe u true … it cant do it …must record on new track and cut and paste…thank you all who reply me !!!