How to add bass to vocals during recording?

When I record on Audacity, my vocals have too much treble on them, and when I add bass, it just sounds weird. How do I have bass on my vocals when I am recording?

Side note: This is only a problem on Audacity, other DAWs don’t have this problem.

Audacity does not apply effects, filters or corrections during recording. If your other programs can do this, when you win.

It’s possible you may have set Audacity up to record wrong. If you adapt an XLR microphone to your computer with wiring errors or a bad adapter, you may get partial cancellation of bass notes and the voice will sound terrible. There is an aggressively affordable microphone adapter famous for this. It has a female XLR on one end and a mini headphone plug on the other. Full stop. If you’re not careful, you can get landmine, time-bomb recordings with that.

You can also be recording the laptop microphone by accident. That’s never happened to me.

Audacity always records flat. What’s the microphone and how is it connected?