How to Add a 4-7 Second of Silence at Beginning of Recording

Windows 10 Pro, Desktop

Newbie David needs help!! Never used Audacity before and after reading most of manual I decided to make a recording of a streaming music Christmas Opera EP. I can’t believe my recording came out just as the original sounds. I do not want to separate the tracks (3 in total) at all but do want to add a bit of silence at the beginning. When I clicked play on the online music app the audio started almost immediately so I don’t have any silence at all leading into the recording! Any and all help is appreciated. Don’t get too technical, I’m 73 yrs old! Tks, David

Assuming that Audacity Preferences have not been modified:

  1. Click on the bar at the top of the track (the “Clip Handle”), and drag the track to the right so that there is a space at the start.
  2. “File menu > Export > Export as …” (whatever format you want - WAV for best quality)

Steve, It worked perfectly!! I exported the file as a MP3, 360kbps (Can’t hear the difference between Hi Resolution, Wav, FLAC or MP3). Thanks for all your help - Happy Holidays, David N