How speech is processed by the brain

I couldn’t find the right section to post this question and I think admins might considor this is not the correct forum for this question.
But I don’t know about any other forum which might have knowledge about this thing. I’m sure there are studies on how brain and mind process speech psychologically and neurologically, I’m interested in knowing if it is possible to create an audio subliminal which has main characteristics of the words or phrases, one of the processing stages of the mind or brain is able to understand that word or phrase but the conscious mind hears a tone or some other sound.

I couldn’t find the right section to post this question

The forum has an advanced discussion of subliminal perception including software experiments and tests.


Thanks for this link, I knew about it but thought my question would be on topic in that thread.

The brain is biased to interpret sound as speech, even when it is just random noise …
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Subliminal advertisement claims were fraudulent …

I know little about the mind or brain, speech recognition. I do have a small library of books by Steven Pinker and by Richard Dawkins. I could search these books for references if you would like.
If I had to recommend a book for beginners (on mind/brain/recognition) it would be “Unweaving the Rainbow” and I have attached part of page 72 of my paperback edition (Chapter 4 “Barcodes on the air”). But if I had to choose a single author it would be Steven Pinker.
Caution: Down this rabbit-hole lies the mathematical magic of Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier!
Cheers, Chris

Also “simultaneously” is not true for two ears …
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Thanks for this information, please search for information if you think those books would have any information related to my question.

Hi. I will be spending a few days over Christmas reading and get back to you in the New Year!
In the meantime, if time permits, you might like to borrow a copy of the Dawkins book from your local library.
Cheers, Chris