[How] remove all words with specify profile

Hi guys, I’m trying delete or mute all pet words like “eeee”, for example, “My name is julio eeee and I have twenty years old, eeee and my house eeee is so beautiful”

What should i use for delete all the pet words in a one script, I want do manually remove one per one, because it could take so long time… like we do to reduce all noise based in a profile but in this case with words
Thank you very much

Audacity does not understand spoken words. I don’t think there’s any alternative to manually removing each one.

Oh understand, Thank you very much Steve :unamused:

That seems like a nice idea for a plugin, right? That shouldn’t be too hard, either with classical audio analysis or with using some neural networks. There is no python interface for writing plugins, is there?

Not yet, though it’s a possibility.