How random are the generated White, Pink and Brownian noises


I was wondering if someone (an Audacity developer preferably) could tell me what sort of random number generator / seed is being used to generate the White, Pink and Brownian noises within Audacity?

Also, my sincerest condolences to the passing of Gale Andrews.

What Gale and the rest of the Audacity team have been able to do with Audacity is simply amazing, and an inspiration to other FOSS software developers / community members.

Note: Apologies if this post was posted in the wrong sub-forum, as I didn’t know which sub-forum to post this in. If a moderator could move this to the correct sub-forum (assuming it’s not this one), that would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello Steve,

So just to be certain, Audacity’s developers are simply using C++'s rand function, correct?

If so, thank you.


If by “C++'s rand function” you mean “std::rand”, then yes.

You can see the code in EffectNoise::ProcessBlock here: