How much memory does Audacity take up?

I am trying to get Audacity, but I can’t if it takes up too much memory. I looked in the FAQs and I couldn’t find it out. So someone who has Audacity or knows, please tell me how much memory it takes up.

Generally it will probably use around 40 to 100 MB of RAM (very little) but some processes may take more. In particular, some (optional) plug-ins may load the full track into RAM and that can be quite a lot of RAM (depending on the length of the track).
I’m currently editing a track in Audacity on Linux that is 3 minutes 47 seconds and RAM usage for Audacity is fluctuating between about 23 MB and 39 MB.
Your computer needs to at least meet the minimum requirements for the operating system that you are using and should preferably be more than the minimum system requirements.

Minimum System is not cutting an audio show or doing other sound work. Minimum System is having the machine barely run without falling apart. It’s a benchmark number and if you design an actual computer like that, it will be a decorative pet, not a working horse.

Audio (and video) stresses a computer. It’s not like recalculating a spreadsheet where it doesn’t make any difference how long the computer takes to do it. Musical notes come one after the other and if the computer isn’t fast enough to capture them, the show will have holes in it or other damage.

So it’s concerning when somebody posts asking the wrong questions. Assuming Audacity does load and run, what are you going to do with it?


Here are the minimum and recommended Audacity 2.0.3 requirements for Windows: .