How is this problem called and how do I fix it?

I’m new to audio editing and I’m having an issue with a recording that I don’t really know how to describe, it’s like a big puff or air between words:

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

  1. What’s the name for this? This way I can start looking for solutions.
  2. What causes this? Being too close to the mic? The mic has a wind foam.
  3. Is it possible to fix in post production? How?

Thank you very much for your help.

“problemas-audio2” does sound like the person is blowing on the mic, a/k/a popping the mic.
A pop-shield is worth a try:
if nothing else a pop-shield will guard against the artist from getting too close to the mic,
(as it should be about 4" from the mic).

“problemas-audio1” could be a a different cause: it sounds like skipping, where a tiny piece of audio is missing, and a there is discontinuity at the join, producing a thud or click.

Thank you very much, it’s likely the problem was the artist being too close to the mic. Is there anything that can be done in post?

Regarding skipping, I need to look into it, but seems strange, the audio was recorded in an external recorder, so not sure how that could happen.