How I can remove the nasal voice?

I talk only nasal… All my voice is nasal … How i can remove that nasal voice? Or reduce it?
Thank you.

If your voice is nasal, then it is nasal - doesn’t make you a bad person :wink:
There is not much can be done with technology about the unique characteristics that make each person’s voice unique, without making their voice sound robotic or artificial. Jim Henson has a pretty weir voice, but that did not keep him from fame and fortune.

Almost everyone dislikes the sound of their recorded voice.
Have you considered asking someone else to do the talking / singing for you?

You could practice speaking with more “breath” as you speak. Any good voice trainer could give you exercises the will help with breathing and improved timbre.

Yes I know. But my voice is nasal because i have polyps. And I want to see if i can make my voice lower nasal with Audacity.

I doubt that a great deal can be done through audio processing. Careful microphone placement may help to some extent, but the major part of any improvement is most likely to come from you. Sorry to harp on about this, but I do think that your best chance of improving voice recordings are through the age old tricks of “sitting up straight”, “breathing from the diaphragm”, “projecting”, and so on.

You join the ocean of people wanting Audacity to: “Make my voice sound like something else.” There are no Audacity tools to do that.

Audacity doesn’t “know” what a voice is. It just knows pitches and tones over time. Trouble is, they change from word to word and as you read, perform and act.

Mel Blanc did OK with a cartoon voice. We can’t all be Don LaFontaine.


So is there any audio software that allows to speak with for instance Mel Blanc’s voice,but in digital way?If Audacity can’t do this.

There’s some recent AI research that is just starting to become practical products:

There is simple pitch change.

Effect > Change Pitch.

In general, you can’t take it much past one piano note or two without sounding funny. A low human voice is not just a lower pitch regular voice. Some parts of your voice change and some don’t.

If you’re trying to correct a performance, make sure you do the effects and filters to a Copy of the performance, not the one and only file.

You could also post a sample of your voice.

And we’ll beat it up.


“Many singers have resonance where their brains ought to be.”

Anna Russell

Melanie Blanc …

Now I’m just thinking if someone could create A.I. robot could this humanoid machine get installed Mel Blanc’s voice even look like him?

I want to know one more thing how to sound also like Donald Duck.I was trying to voice him,but with snoring like sounds.Anyway speaking again of original voice of Bugs Bunny could this special A.I. thing be also speech synthesizer software?

One more thing do you think in Morph Vox I can find original digital version of Mel Blanc’s Bugs Bunny voice and voice of Donald Duck?

Well here’s my own attempt of Mel Blanc’s voice in Space Jam because I guess Jeff Bergman was voicing Bugs Bunny since Space Jam.