How i can move more audio in the same time

HELLO! I would like to know how to select more than 3 audio tracks at the same time with the cursor to be able to move all the assembly I need and not three by three, because the cursor comes a time when it does not recover all the audio tracks I need.

EXAMPLE: I have made a playlist with sound effects and more than 15 audio tracks, an hour of playlist; And I realize that 30 minutes of the playlist could fit more sounds, or put another audio track or cut, etc. That modifies the entire playlist if I can’t select everything that comes behind it without being modified and be able to preserve those other 30 minutes.

I would have to be able to move all the cumulus of tracks that go behind that change at the same time so as not to have to modify them and not like now that I can move them by groups of audio track (to what the cursor, leave me) and that makes me waste a lot of time And it’s as if I can’t make almost a mistake or make new changes without having to modify everything that comes behind. I’m sure there has to be some specific way to be able to select many audio tracks and be able to move them forward or backward without problem, only I don’t know how.

I hope the example is clear. Thank you for your help !!!

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