How do you take the lyrics off a track?

When I down load a track, how do delete the lyrics and how do I add things to the existing track? I’m a teacher

One way is to start with track with no lyrics in them - such as a karaoke track or other backing track. You can find karaoke and backing tracks for most songs online.

The is no perfect way to “unmix” a recording. You almost never get “professional” results and I consider it a novelty effect.

You can try Vocal Reduction and Isolation. If the vocals are perfectly centered (identical in the left & right channels) it can completely remove them. It also will remove everything else in the center, although you can filter to keep the bass.

A there is called something “new” and something maybe related called Spleeter.

On the other hand, mixing is easier and more common and done “every day”. The are several ways to do it.

The thing to watch out for with mixing is clipping (overload distortion). Mixing is done by summation so if you are mixing two (full volume) tracks you generally need to reduce the volume of both tracks in half (-6dB) or otherwise make sure the mix doesn’t exceed 0dBFS.

BTW - If you have an “untouched” vocal track and you mix it with an instrumental backing track, you can later invert the vocal track and mix-it in again to subtract it out. That does work perfectly as long as the mixed and unmixed vocals (or other track) is “digitally identical” (the same volume, etc.). But, under these “careful laboratory conditions” you usually already have the original unmixed backing track so there’s no need to do it.

The best way I’ve found so far is by using a third party software such as serato dj pro 3.0. you can use a trial version for I think 14 days and it gives you full access. So what it offers is a thing called “stems” where you can remove either the vocals, bass, drums or melodies from the track, then use audacity to live record it then save as an mp3 or whatever format you require. You can also pay for a monthly subscription if you find that you’ll be using it quiet frequently :grin:

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