How do you remove Chiptune from audios?

I’ve seen people remove chiptune from songs and im trying to do that for a song that has some 8 bit in it to see how it sounds normally. How am I supposed to remove chiptune?

Im using windows 11

I’ve seen people remove chiptune from songs

You might ask them how they did it.

If you have actual 8-bit music, you’re stuck. 8-bit distortion is built-into the sound and there is no other better quality sound to go back to.

It might be different if you have a 16-bit song with an 8-bit effect or filter applied. Is that what you have? You need to use a tool such as…

…to find out because Audacity doesn’t have Get Info.


I have the song “Battle against a True Hero” from Undertale, but how am I supposed to make it sound normal like the people that made “Bonetrousle” from Undertale sound normal?

Heres the song btw:

Don’t know. We should wait for someone who has more experience with this than I do.


I think it’s a MIDI thing: the same tune played using different (virtual) instruments. [Not possible on Audacity].