How do you record just computer sounds (no mic)

I want to record whatever playing from the computer without the mic.

[u]Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows[/u]

The link doesn’t seem to be working.

Sorry! Fixed - Try it now.

BTW - It’s in the user manual.

I tried to do stereo mix method but it didn’t work because the drivers that was meant to download it downloaded something else.

But I want to do WASAPI now.

When I open Audacity, what I’m seeing is: MME and when I try to see other options I’m seeing Windows (with other word(s) after it) but the word after Windows is hidden so I don’t know what the option says.

Usually, the second entry is “Windows DirectSound” and the third entry is “Windows WASAPI”. Frequently, you can use the Resizer at the far right of the toolbar to make the fields wider. See: Device Toolbar

Sometimes, you may first need to use the Grabber to move the toolbars around.

Am I correct in assuming that you wish to record streaming audio directly into Audacity.
If yes, then tune into any streaming audio.
Open Audacity, see jpeg fig. 1 & 2.

Note: Recording streaming media is ok if you only use it personal use, and keep it on your computer or removable media.

after I read here, I found the answer to the problem I was facing

What problem was that?
How did you fix it?