How do you name a song along with the title and album of the song you are recording. I can record and separate each song and can indicate the name of the song but how do add the name of the album and artist associated with the song?

How do you name a song along with the title of the song and the album of the song you are recording ? I can separate each song and name each song but want to add the album name and artist name and have no clue how to do this. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone knows a program that is easier to use, let me know. Thanks.

You can use the “Metadata” option in Audacity to include all the data which are the same for all songs (Album title, Artist, etc.) and then select “export multiple”.

I guess i asked my question wrong. I have a single album with multiple songs that has a different artist for each song so i guess i have to record each song individually and export it as a single file. That would take forever. Would that be a correct statement? Thanks so much for your response.

You can still record the whole album and then do a multi-export. Just write into the metadata dialog the name of the album and leave everything else open. Then export and use MP3tag - as proposed by Trebor - and fill in the missing information.

Thanks for your reply. However you are answering to a 79 year old former Marine who is technologically challenged. I downloaded MP3Tag but is is rather hard for me to figure it out. I will just ask two more questions and i will leave you alone. When i am in Audacity and have my recording done, do i have to separate the tracks before i save it to the MP file? I am as lost as a ball in high weeds! Do you know if there is a video that guides you through? Thank you!

Yes, or as you are exporting.

There a couple of different ways -

I export one song at a time. I select/highlight one song at a time and then File → Export Audio, and when you’re on the screen where name the file and select the format, choose Current Selection as your export range.

Sometimes I’ll select a little extra, and then re-open the files one at a time to more-carefully trim them. …If you do that, export the temporary file as WAV. As you may know, MP3 is lossy compression and if you edit and re-export an MP3 you are going through another generation of lossy compression. Compress ONCE as MP3.

Or you can label the tracks and Export Multiple to export them all at once.

One confusing thing might be that you have to open a folder (usually an album), not an individual file. Then you’ll see all of the songs in the folder and any existing metadata. You can directly type the information into the fields where the files are shown, or you can select one or more files and enter the information on the left. i.e. You can select all files to enter the common information such as album, artist, year, and artwork at once. Then you can enter the song titles separately.

I don’t know of a video explaining what you should do.

If you have some knowledte of the German language[1], I can make available a presentation which shows how to record an album and then separate the tracks / exporting them to mp3. Contact me via “provate message” on this forum (cick on my name and click the blue message button).

The use of MP3tag may be different in Windows than it is on Mac, but I think after the export process of Audacity you can just drag all the tracks into MP3tag’s main window. After doing so, you can select one track after the other and insert/change the information according your needs. You can also add artwork (album cover, for example) by dragging an image into the bottom-left area (where the record symbol is).

[1] Maybe it is possible to use a translation service like Google Translator or DeepL to help you.

Thanks for all your help but I clicked on your name and I did not see anything that gave me a blue message button. I guess I will just give up. I don’t know German and I would have no idea of how to use a translation service so I will just give up. I appreciate your assistance.

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