How do you import Audacity files into Adobe Premiere Pro?

Need to learn how to do this. It says “file format not supported”?

From Audacity: Export as WAV.

An option for the export on Audacity is “export audio”, I’ve found out the exported file can be put onto Premiere Pro through that as well.

In any of the export options from Audacity is there compression or something that makes it so the exported file has some of the sound from the original Audacity file taken from it? I’m trying to avoid that kind of compression.

WAV format does not use compression, but there are several options for WAV.

  • 16-bit WAV is “CD quality” which is good enough for most purposes, and is compatible with most other apps.
  • 24-bit WAV is better, but not as widely supported.
  • 32-bit float is what Audacity uses internally, so “32-bit float WAV” is identical to the audio in Audacity. Not many other apps support 32-bit float, but Premiere Pro might do. Use this if it is supported.

In case nobody hit this yet, Audacity doens’t “save” sound files. It only saves its own internal production format. To get a “normal” sound file, you have to File > Export one.

And there’s a format missing. 44100, 16-bit, Stereo is the Audio CD format and 48000, 16-bit, Stereo is the video format. Neither one naturally applies compression. You can probably eliminate one tiny conversion by supplying 48000 sound files to Premiere. Consult your instructions.

You can convert 44100 to 48000 with the little window on the Audacity bottom left. Not with the sample rate windows to the left of the blue waves.