How do you enhance Voices recorded within a recording

I have a recording with voice recorded at the end, last 10 seconds. But they are very low.

I have tried to isolate and amplify that little section bit still not clear enough.

The voices are the but I don’t know how to clean it up and bring the voices to the fore!

Any help would be great thx


Can you select a ten-second portion of the bad sound, export WAV and post it here on the forum? While you’re in a question window, upload is a block with an up arrow.


I would normally do that but because the recording is personal nature that we cannot do, not on the public part at least.

It’s an evp recording.

If you could maybe help with some instructions on possibilities on how to enhance it that would be greatly appreciated though.


Amplifying faint sounds, (raising the noise-floor), or applying digital noise-reduction processing, creates voice-like artifacts …

Further reading … Rorschach Audio: EVP, Psychoacoustics and Auditory Illusions

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