How do you do crossfades/make a click-free loop in Audacity?

Dear Anyone.

Found a clip from the manual online that states…

  1. Place your audio clips end to end in a track. 2) Zoom in a bit. 3) Select the part that you want to crossfade (does not matter if the tracks are right up against each other or not - just select the parts to crossfade). 4) Select the Effect > Fading > Crossfade Clips.

Great advice - except Audacity doesn’t HAVE Effect> Fading> Crossfade Clips. Look…

Not mentioned anywhere on the list, unlike what the manual says. And I’ve tried the zero crossings thing and that doesn’t work (in my hands!) either - bet it would for any of you guys though!

Please, how do I turn a sample chopped from a long piece of audio into a click-free loop using Audacity? Is it possible? If not, what do I use? Just to put minds at rest - it’s a sample from a very long worship pad I legitimately free-downloaded from a worship site, I just wanted to see if I could make a playable soundfont out of it. Never made a soundfont before, just wanted to use it in my pieces of music.

The original MP3’s 20 minutes long, one single (but gorgeous!) sound. I’ve got a whole batch of different legit. sounds, each one 20 minutes long, hopefully I’ll learn how to make soundfonts out of all of them.

Yours hopefully (shouldn’t that be hopeLESSly!?!)


Your version of Audacity does not have that effect menu option.

My guess: you’ve ran Audacity2 after installing Audacity3.
Giving you the Audcaity2 effects menu, which is deficient for Audcaity3.
is corrupted.

Dear Trebor.

I uninstalled my version of Audacity, downloaded and installed the latest one, and…

…as you can see, Audacity STILL doesn’t have Effects Crossfade Clips.

How come yours does?

Yours puzzledly


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