How do I use my Blue Tooth speakers?

Why is there no option for Blue Tooth speakers? All I see are these choices (see attachment).

I’d love to get rid of my headphones with the cords. :neutral_face:

Thx for any and all help.


The speakers must be connected before you open Audacity. However, even if you do get it working I would advise against using bluetooth speakers because:

  1. If you record from a mic. then you must use headphones so as to prevent sound from the speakers being recorded by the mic.
  2. Bluetooth devices will frequently disconnect when not active so as to save power, but then you will need to “Rescan audio devices” (Transport menu) to allow Audacity to find them again.
  3. Good quality headphones are likely to give much more accurate sound than even expensive bluetooth speakers, and accuracy is important when editing audio.