How do I stop Audacity from auto-splitting/splicing?

For some unknown reason Audacity started splitting my track into pieces every time I do noise removal in different sections. I don’t want a bunch of splits.

I started using Audacity 2 months ago and have never had this happen before. I cannot figure out how to “stop” it from splitting. Is there a setting I accidentally changed that I can reset? I have reset my toolbar and rebooted the program, but it did not solve the problem. (See image). Thanks! I love this software! -Kate
Screen shot 2015-04-11 at 6.29.45 PM.png

This is not new behaviour - it goes back to at least version 1.3.13.

It is, though, inconsistent. If the selection starts at the beginning of the track or ends at the ends of the track then you will be a split. Otherwise you will not get a split.

The workaround is to select the entire track then do Edit > Clip Boundaries > Join after you have completed noise reduction on the track.

– Bill

I just did an experiment and it only does this auto-splitting on one file – the rest of my files it does not do this. I don’t understand why. They are all the same type of files recorded the same way. Since I do a lot of mini edits (a few every few seconds), it will split my file into thousands of parts. That is really a pain in the butt to deal with having to reconnect them all. in different places when I’m editing for different things that overlap.

Ignore the splits 'till you have finished editing, then you can “join” all of the split sections in one go.
I think the Mac shortcuts are:
COMMAND + A (select all)
COMMAND + J (join)

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As Bill said, if you start a selection from the start or end of the track (or from the start or end of a separate clip, such as you get if you paste to left or right of the current track), then you will get a split line at the other end of the selection.

If you then select up to or over the split line, the effect will make another split line.

If the problem is that you have already made separate clips in this track, click to left of the blue waves (where it says “Hz” or wherever there is no slider or button in that panel), then Tracks > Mix and Render. That is also another way to remove all the split lines.


RESOLVED: I decided to open the file in itunes, then drag it out again to my desktop, then open it in audacity, and I have no idea why, but it stopped doing it.

Importing the file again will remove clips and split lines.

To avoid issues, quit Audacity, open Finder, Go > Go to Folder, and type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

Delete the “audacity.cfg” file you see there. That will give you fresh settings to start from.

Trash the Audacity version you have now, obtain Audacity from and read for how to install Audacity.

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