How do I stop Audacity 3.4.2 scanning plugins on startup?

Dear Anyone.

Saw this question answered for a previous version of Audacity but the layout’s different in this one so I couldn’t apply that answer, sorry!

Every time I start up 3.4.2 it scans all my music software plugins, which takes about 12 minutes, and tells me half of them don’t work with it. I don’t want to use any of them with it. I just want to load soundfiles into Audacity and use its lovely built-in effects to edit them!

I found this exact question asked about version 2.4 (I THINK - it was 2.something!) and the answer was ‘go to Preferences/Edit and uncheck VSTs’. I can’t find a check/uncheck VSTs box in this version, though, so I don’t know how to do that here!

If I try clicking on SKIP, it comes up saying ‘CAN’T FIND C:\USERS\DATA ROAMNG\AUDACITY\AUDACITY.CFG’. I’ve looked there. I can find it - it’s right in front of me, on that exact path! If I can find it, why can’t Audacity find it?

If I let it go through the scanning process, it comes up with a hewge list of incompatible plugins - as in most of them would be - and then starts up fine - but there’s GOTTA be a way to stop it from doing the scanning thing? Tell me there is! I promise faithfully I don’t want to use any of my music plugins in Audacity, just Audacity’s own built-in plugins. (BTW - the original post said the scanning was due to a bug. That was in version 2.something. You’d think by now they’d’ve gotten rid of the bug, wouldn’t you, but it’s still there and still doing the same thing!)

Yours respectfully


Use the 3.5 beta, a checkbox to disable it has been added there.

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