How do I stitch large audio files together for Audible

Audacity has been crashing every time I paste recorded clips together - is there a limit to the size I can paste - should I do it incrementally or create add’l tracks and then merge them?

This is for Audible - thanks!

Which version of Audacity are you using? What Mac operating system? How big are the bits you are trying to paste? Can you describe in detail - step by step - what you are doing when the crash occurs?

– Bill

every time I paste recorded clips together

You’re reading an audiobook? Your description is ringing alarm bells even past that the process doesn’t seem to work right. Typically, a performer will read a chapter in one day or sitting and then the next day read the next one. That’s a good way to hide little inconsistencies in the reading style and quality behind the chapter announcements, buffer gaps and interstitials. Hiding errors is a lot harder if you read the first third of a chapter today and the next third in a week. ACX expects a chapter reading to be smooth with no sudden theatrical jumps.

Is that what you’re doing? Splitting a chapter?

Alternately, you’re expected to deliver each chapter as a sound file. Not all jammed together. There is no delivering a book as one single file, unless it’s a really tiny book.

Your problem reminds me of a manager at an old job. He never closed anything. He just let all his running applications pile up in the dock at the bottom of the screen. Sooner or later his machine would grind to a halt and I would show up on my white steed (it was crowded in his office), close everything and make him start over. Then, over weeks he would forget and do it again. Do you have lots of lights or marks under apps in the dock?

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 7.13.54 PM.png

Is this your first book?

You can submit a short audition to ACX to make sure everything is OK before you read a book. It’s harder to read good quality at home than everyone thinks.

ACX-Auditions.txt (1.5 KB)