How do I start an audio book?

“Isn’t it expensive?”

“Won’t it take a ton of time?”

“How do I even do it?!?”

Assuming that you already have:

  • Somewhere very quiet and substantially free of echoes where you can record
  • A computer
  • Some reasonable headphones (wired, not bluetooth, and preferably not “gaming” headphones or “ear buds”)
  • A computer

then the main expense will be a microphone and audio interface, or a good USB mic, or a portable digital recorder (likely to be around $200 upwards).


Amazon’s “ACX” website has a ton of information about getting started:

There are some drop-dead considerations.

I need to be able to buy your target book on Amazon right now. The process of applying for audiobook acceptance has that built in to the documents.

You can’t read a cookbook or anything else on this list (scroll down)

In general, the book should have plot, characters, and setting. I really like the The Hero’s Journey where Joseph Campbell talks about plot, characters, and setting.

You need to have a pleasant speaking voice and can’t have any biological defects (stuttering, etc.). Oddly, regional dialect can work if it’s not too deep and your book is from that region.

The latest pass at audiobook acceptance has the technical testing available at both on-line ACX and a slightly better one from Audacity (how loud is it and is it noisy), but the theatrical test (whether your voice scares the horses) has to wait until you finish the book and submit it. If it’s rejected, you may get to read it again, get someone else to read it, or give up.

Good luck.


Wanted to know more details as well with this topic on audiobook. :smiley:

Amazon’s “ACX” website has a ton of information about getting started: