How do I shorten the track length? It's not letting my 'cut' the end off

Hi Forum!
Sorry, it’s a newbie question for sure! I’ve searched the wiki, but my search terms must be wrong, or it’s just too obvious to put in!
I have an extra 15 dead seconds at the end of my project. I have tried to delete the end, cut the end, cut a middle out of the end… I select all tracks, and it’s not working. What am I missing?

How long is the show and how many tracks do you have?

Which Audacity version do you have? On Windows I think it’s Help > About.


Hi Koz! It’s version 2.3.2, but I went ahead and exported to mp3 as is, and the mp3 just ends when the ‘sounds’ do, no dead space that I ‘visually’ see on the project file. Thanks for your reply though! Have a wonderful weekend!