How Do I Save 'Unsaved' Projects?


How do I save these unsaved projects? They don’t show up when I click on Recent Files in Audacity.

Screenshot 2024-01-07 231940

Would appreciate any help.


You will need to recover the projects. If the projects can be recovered, you will then be able to save them.
Note that “unsaved” projects might not contain any data, in which case there is nothing to recover.

Thanks, Steve.

How do I recover these projects? Is there a way I can do that when I open Audacity? They don’t come up when I try to open the files to save them. I tried to drag and drop them into Audacity but that didn’t work?

Where precisely do you see that list of unsaved projects?

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for your patience. I only started using Audacity last year so I’m still learning how to use the program.

It’s in a file called Session Data which is inside some hidden files.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 230504

How I move it from the SessionData file to Audacity?

When there are unsaved projects, they should appear automatically in a “Crash Recovery” window when Audacity is launched.


That dialog allows you to select the projects and attempt recovery by clicking the “Recover Selected” button.

You shouldn’t be poking around in the Session Data folder. Files in there belong to programs.

Yes, the window pops up but then I can’t find the project to save it.

I don’t understand what you mean.

It’s not showing up when I click on File, then the Open folder.

Please post a screenshot of that so that I can see what you are seeing.

Screenshot 2024-01-07 223150

Screenshot 2024-01-07 223236

Then I click on Open and this comes up!

When you see this screen:

Click on “OK”.
If the project contains anything useful, you can then save the project in the usual way (“File menu > Save Project > Save Project”) and save the project with a new name.

I clicked on ‘OK’ and nothing happens.

In that case it appears that those “unsaved projects” are empty (nothing to recover). In that case you can use the “Discard Selected” button to delete the projects.

OK. Darn! I will need to record that project again. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks so much for your help.

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