How do I replicate the voice effect in this clip?

I really like the effect but I have absolutely no idea how to Recreate it.

Daleks, right? “Exterminate!”

Ever figure out they managed to climb stairs with those wheels?

Anyway, that sounds like Effect > Vocoder. It produces a mixture of two sounds such that one operates on the other rather than straight mixing.

I think this is how Peter Frampton makes his guitar talk.


See, those are actually the voices of The Committee on Mondas. and sound way different-

That’s the only tool we have which can do tricks like that. You can fuzz or compress the two original voices or sounds so the combination sounds similar. Ring Modulator is the other one. But I don’t think we have a pre-baked one.


Yeah we do.


I have absolutely no idea how to actually replicate that exact effect though. I’m fairly new to audio editing.

That sounds like the Cylon sound effect from the original Battlestar Galactica.
Both the gold Command Centurions and the silver Centurions had their voices vocalized with the use of an EMS Vocoder 2000. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: