How do I remove vocals in this song to make it instrumental?

Can somebody please remove the vocals in this song for me, I tried myself and nothing I do works. I still hear the vocals :frowning:
The song I want to make instrumental is called Keep it Rollin by A tribe called quest. I attached the mp3 file.

This is a “help forum” not a “do it for me” service. :wink:
Have you read this bit in the manual:
Note in particular from the highlighted text at the top of that page:

There is no universal, reliable way of doing this without having the original multi-track recordings.

That means that for some songs, removing the vocals is simply not possible.
The rest of that page is about tools and techniques that ‘may’ work in ‘reducing’ (but not necessarily ‘eliminating’) vocals from ‘some’ recordings.

Well that is disappointing so it is impossible to remove vocals from a 90’s song :frowning: I thought someone could do it for me because I already tried myself.

If it’s a popular 90’s song there “may” be downloadable instrumental versions of it online. Check the terms and conditions and the legitimacy of the site when you download.


it is impossible to remove vocals from a 90’s song

It’s possible to remove vocals from many songs, but there are rules. It can’t be in Mono, it can’t have stereo effects applied, the Lead Singer has to be in the stereo middle of the song and not change. Only some MP3s work. Most times, drums and center instruments go, too, if there’s a chorus, it’s probably going to stay behind.


Much better to find an instrumental of the song already baked.