How do I remove that background noise..

Hello all,

Attached a wav file of an intro to a book I’m doing. I can’t seem to figure out how to remove the background noise from the recording. Any help would be great. I use a combo of audacity and Reaper, which may not be a good idea, but it works so far…

The files will need to be ACX upload able so whatever I would need to do to it would have to work with the requirements.

Thank you for any help! I am new to this and have been running into speed bumps way more often than I had hoped.


The magic-ingredient you’re missing to remove the background noise is Mosquito Killer on 2 to get rid of the faint constant whine …

Mosquito Killer plugin for Audcaity.png
IMO Use Noise Reduction first, then Mosquito Killer set on 2.

I still can hear the hissing sound in the background. Its better, but still minor. Maybe that’s the best Ill be able to muster given my setup.

You’ll definitely need to use some Noise Reduction to get the noise down to ACX specification (-60dB).

Couture is a free expander plugin which will squash down the hiss noise between words.