How do I remove background music from a tape recording

Hi, I am going mad with this!! I have a recording of a lecture I recorded some time ago but there is a pop song playing in the background, is there any way I can remove this completely?

Probably not.
If you could post a short sample (just a couple of seconds) in WAV format, we may be able to suggest ways to minimise the background music but it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to remove it completely.

Thank you very much for your speedy reply, I am new to Audacity and have tried a few effects with no joy, am I being stupied or is it possible to import the music playing in the background from another source invert it and then combine it with the original track to get rid of it?
Your help will be greatly appriciated as once I learn the process I would hopefully be able to apply it to my other recordings.
Kind regards,

Probably not. For cancellation to work the audio to be removed and the inverted audio must match exactly.
Having heard your uploaded sample, my opinion is that there is no way to remove the background music and noise.

Hi Steve:
Is there any way that I can enhance the speech?

Other than the music (vocalist) I don’t think that there is any comprehensible speech in that recording, beware Rorschach audio …

I am aware of Roschach effect, and am not hearing things!! if you were to listen carefully you will hear a female voice saying:’ is the tape running’ . I have to see if I can some how amlify the speech section.

In my opinion, no.

I hear a female voice on the track attached speaking english with my accent …

in reality this recording does not include any human voices.