How do I remove all but the piano tracks?

I’d like to separate out all the tracks so i can keep the piano portion only… how do I manage this task?

There are a couple of “tricks” you can try but… You can’t un-fry an egg or un-bake a cake and you can’t un-mix audio.

The whole reason people use multiple microphones and a [u]mixer[/u], and the whole reason that pros do [u]multitrack recording[/u] is so they can record, adjust, and edit the different instruments/voices separately (before mixing-down to mono, stereo, or surround sound).

Of course, if you have piano-only on the left or right of a stereo recording you can kill the opposite channel and convert the remaining piano channel to a mono recording.

Or, if the piano is in the center (identical in both channels) you can try [u]Vocal Isolation[/u] which will (usually imperfectly) keep everything in the center while removing the sides.