How Do I Remove a Short Bit in the Middle of a Clip?[SOLVED]


I am just using Audacity for the first time and I am struggling (I guess it’s because the GUI is so different from the Video Editors I’m used to) but I can find the start and end times of a short passage I want to remove from the middle of a clip, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how you cut it out without leaving something behind!

I read the tutorial about how to keep a short bit in the middle but I can’t figure out how to cut something out!

Any help would be most appreciated.


First you need to select the section that you want to remove.
The easiest way is usually to just click on the track and drag along the track.
Alternative ways of selecting audio are described here:

If you are wanting to leave a gap where the audio was then either of these methods will work:

  • Edit menu > Remove Audio or Labels > Split Cut.
  • Edit menu > Remove Audio or Labels > Split Delete.
  • Edit menu > Remove Audio or Labels > Silence Audio (Ctrl + L)

If you are wanting to delete the space as well as the audio, then the easiest way is to just press the Delete key.
Alternatively, use Cut or Delete from the “Edit > Remove Audio or Labels” menu.

Note that to edit the track, playback must be “stopped” (press the Stop button), not just “paused”.

Hi, Steve:

That must have been the problem (the fact that I have to press “stop” before I can edit anything)!

It worked a treat - In just a few minutes, I accomplished what I couldn’t do over the last two days!

Again, many thanks!